Tips for Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Agency for Your B2B Company

A financial advisor searches online for a digital marketing agency.
A financial advisor searches online for a digital marketing agency for her B2B company.

Building a team of professionals who can help you achieve your marketing objectives is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. A good digital marketing agency can provide you with all the tools you need to help you with lead generation, build brand awareness, skyrocket sales and make your business thrive in the industry. The challenge is in finding out which agency can help you achieve your goals.

Below are effective tips to help you choose the best digital marketing agency for your business:

1. Look for a Digital Marketing Agency That Understands Your Company's Objectives

Before hiring a digital marketing agency, it's important that you know what your marketing goals are. What are you trying to achieve? Do you need to build more brand awareness and increase website traffic? Or are you more revenue-focused? Some digital marketing agencies focused on just social media marketing or content marketing while larger agencies offer more services including video production and even lead generation. Knowing what your objectives are would help you shortlist a list of agencies that you need.

Communicate this marketing plan to the digital marketing agency and find out what their strategies are to help you accomplish your objectives. It's important that an agency knows which specific metrics to track and adjust their strategies to reach your business goals.

A dashboard shows B2B digital marketing analytics
It's critical that B2B companies know what metrics to track from their digital marketing strategies.

2. Do They Guarantee Immediate Results?

Steer clear from agencies who promise immediate results. Keep in mind that marketing takes time. You don't always see results right away. With search engine optimization, for example, it would take about 4-6 months to significantly see results. For new businesses, it may take a little longer.

Ask them about how they can help you achieve business objectives. If they have strategies in place, find out if they are tried and tested. If possible, ask if they can provide you with data as proof that the campaign worked.

There are agencies that will not be able to deliver what was promised. If you think that it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

3. How Long Have They Been in Business?

Working with a digital marketing agency with several years of experience in the industry is better than hiring a team of professionals who have just started out. If you're looking for a digital marketing agency in Omaha, NE, do make sure that they have worked with clients in the past. Better yet, read their client testimonials. Some agencies may even provide you with case studies or portfolios to help you make an informed decision.

It would also help if the digital marketing agency has experience in your industry. They will know the specific problems your customers are having and how to remedy these concerns. With experience, they will know which strategies you need to implement and what strategies don't work.

A B2B marketing director takes notes about different digital marketing agencies to work with.
A B2B marketing director takes notes about different digital marketing agencies to work with.

4. How Knowledgeable Are They of the Industry?

They do not need to be thought leaders but always go with a digital marketing agency that actually practices what it preaches. For example, if you're looking for a digital agency that can help you with content and video marketing but they don't even have a blog — you're better off looking for another agency that knows what they are doing.

Visit their website and read their blog. Is their website professional- looking? If you need video content, check how the agency creates their own videos or write their content. Go for it - if you like what you are seeing. Bonus if an agency tries to keep up with what's new by constantly publishing relevant content.

5. How Much Are Their Services?

Remember: a lower price doesn't always mean you are getting a good deal. Sometimes, you always get what you pay for. When their services are offered at ridiculously low prices, ask them why. Find out how you can get a better service for an extremely low price. If the prices for their services are not reasonable, it is likely that they will not deliver what was promised.

Work with an agency that can give you just the right price for top-notch service. Otherwise, you may end up paying more down the road. Always go for quality first when it comes to marketing. If the agency offers a good price coupled with years of experience and a good list of clients - they are likely able help you accomplish your goals.

A small B2B digital marketing team brainstorms ideas for their client.
A small B2B digital marketing team brainstorms ideas for their client.

6. How Big is the Agency?

If you need help with a specific marketing strategy, a smaller agency may be ideal for you. For mid-sized businesses or corporations who want to invest more in marketing will do well with a larger agency that can offer several services such as b2b marketing, SEO, lead generation, etc.

Find out what your needs are first and then you can narrow down which agency you should work with.

7. How Do They Treat Clients?

This may not directly affect your business goals but it's important that you have a good relationship with a digital marketing agency Omaha. A good agency has a team of professionals who will go out of their way to help clients. Apart from delivering what was promised, they also know how to empathize with clients. The team shows up on time and they know how to effectively communicate.

Always Ask Questions

Before signing any contract, make sure that all your questions have been addressed. If something confuses you, ask questions. Your ultimate goal for hiring a digital marketing agency is to grow your business; do ensure that the agency shares the same goal and is committed to helping you succeed.

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