Thoughts for Marketing in 2021 | Reveal Remarkable: Ep.014

As we wind down on the crazy, chaotic year that was 2020, we took some time to reflect on and discuss what we’ve learned.

There was a lot. But we boiled it down to six points to consider for marketing in 2021.

  1. Define the message you want to be known for this year.

  2. Get crystal clear on your audience to the point that it scares you.

  3. Make digital marketing a priority, not an accessory.

  4. Stick with the plan for longer than is comfortable.

  5. Be quick to pivot, even if you’re in love with your plan.

  6. Create less, repurpose more.

If this year taught us anything, it’s this: prioritize making a strategic and focused plan. And then be ready to change it. 

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