Making Corporate Intra-Communication Not “Suck”! - with Dusty Davidson

After 2020 thrust all business online, companies now need to not just take their digital marketing more seriously than ever, but also their internal digital communication.

The problem? Most intra-communication softwares just “suck”.

In other words, they’re clunky, confusing, and just uninteresting to use.

And that’s precisely where Dusty Davidson, serial-entrepreneur and former CEO of Flywheel, found a unique opportunity to serve the market.

Listen to the vision behind Dusty’s new ground-breaking venture, Workshop, that aims to make the intra-communication more delightful.

Main Takeaways:

💎 Leverage what you have learned along the way.

💎 A company’s success is based on how connected your team is with one another.

💎 Regardless of how many players there are in the market, it’s not an indication that a problem is solved.

💎 Communication is the number one driver of alignment, engagement, happiness, and performance.

💎 The rapid transition to the digital world due to the pandemic is a positive gain for software businesses.

💎 The concept of a stream is to disseminate crucial information to teams.


⏱ 01:23 | Closing the chapter on Flywheel

⏱ 03:21 | Dusty’s next big venture: Workshop

⏱ 07:29 | What are current internal communications apps lacking?

⏱ 11:58 | Dusty’s “Aha!” moment

⏱ 16:43 | Some SURPRISING findings from the market…

⏱ 19:39 | Dusty’s market insights about the remote workplace

⏱ 26:00 | How Workshop will clarify communication for remote teams

⏱ 29:05 | How can companies boost team morale in a digital landscape?

⏱ 32:44 | How Dusty defines success for his customers

⏱ 35:21 | Dusty’s remarkable shout outs


💬 “We wanted to design and create a product to create an experience that people can fall in love with.” –Dusty Davidson

💬 “We strive to have and achieve class engagement, culture diversity, and alignment.” –Dusty Davidson

💬 “The world is shifting, and I don’t believe the pendulum will swing 100%. It is valuable for people to be together.” –Dusty Davidson


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