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Jeff Herdzina - ExitBig

Season 2 Episode 001

It might sound crazy, but the best time to think about selling your business is actually when you START your business.

This week on Reveal Remarkable we got to sit down with Jeff Herdzina of ExitBig, a mergers and acquisitions firm in the Omaha area. In an industry where there’s very little innovation, his company is doing something fresh and exciting.

Jeff has not only his own entrepreneurial experience to draw from, but the collective lessons he’s learned from ExitBig’s clients along the way.

Main Takeaways:

The best time to think about selling your business is when you start it

#1 mistake most business owners make is being too involved

How stepping back from your business can increase your valuation

Core values: the simple things that aren’t always easy, but always matter

Choose to let go of what you can’t control as a business leader


Jeff’s vision for ExitBig (2:50-7:19)

How the famous midwestern work ethic is actually hurting businesses (7:20-10:14)

ExitBig’s 5 core values (10:15-17:44)

How ExitBig’s perspective on their clients is different from the rest of the M&A industry (17:45-22:19)

What keeps Jeff up at night (22:35-28:06)

Some of our favorite business leaders in Omaha (28:06-34:17)


“If you’re not waking up with passion, look yourself in the mirror and think, ‘maybe it’s time to make a change’.”(11:51-11:56)

“The simple things aren’t always the easiest, but they’re the things that actually matter.” (17:05-17:10)

“Are you running the business, or is the business running you?” (25:25-25:35)


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