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You might not think you could get amped up listening to someone talk about a medical device company…but get ready to be proven wrong 👀

We interviewed Chad Sievers, VP of Sales at Raridon & Associates, a medical device distribution company for Johnson & Johnson. His passion for what he does and laser-focus on taking care of his people—clients and employees—bleeds through every minute of our conversation with him.

“Our vision is actually not to grow our business, not to double our business. It has nothing to do with sales. It’s to help restore the joy of motion.”

The best part? It’s not a marketing schtick. Chad and his team are 110% committed to that mission.

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Main Takeaways: 💎 If you don’t have passion, you won’t find purpose. 💎 Raridon & Associates focuses on building trust and rapport with their clients over pushing a sale—and it pays off.

💎 For businesses, human capital is your number one most important resource. Protect it.

💎 Company setbacks can break you—or push you to grow and adapt to be better than before. 💎 Celebrate the success stories of your team and your customers to remind yourself of your “why”.

Timecodes: ⏱ 1:02 | Chad’s background and how he got to where he is today

⏱ 5:55 | Who Chad feels compelled to serve every day

⏱ 11:25 | Putting the wellbeing of the goose over the golden eggs

⏱ 16:38 | When taking a risk pays off

⏱ 19:47 | Green Bay Packers and loss within the company

⏱ 24:32 | What happens when you’re not motivated by passion

⏱ 29:25 | “Restoring the joy of motion” for patients

⏱ 38:23 | What sets Chad’s company apart from the competition

⏱ 41:31 | Keeping core values as an anchor in personal and professional life

⏱ 47:26 | How to avoid major “wake-up call” moments

⏱ 50:37 | Shoutout to Omaha leaders

⏱ 58:39 | There is no purpose without passion: final thoughts

Quotes: 💬 “We almost lost the sports medicine division…but because of their trust in us and our core values and the partnership we provide, they’ve trusted to keep it with us.” 8:15-8:33 💬 “Those are the things that get me excited beyond mentoring my people and inspiring people in the organization—when we take a problem at a hospital and turn it into a positive.” 10:12-10:22 💬 “We always say human capital is our number one most important resource.” 11:02-11:05 💬 “I was kind of on cruise control, man. I was on a path to be the owner, I was working my tail off. But I didn’t have that secret ingredient, right?” 17:58-18:08 💬 “When he brought in [EOS Traction], immediately my entire mindset about my role in the company changed.” 18:28-18:35 💬 “As leaders, we should always want our people to elevate and gain altitude. He was getting the opportunity of a lifetime, and as hard as it was to lose a friend and an associate, it was the right thing to do.” 21:01-21:12 💬 “Our vision is actually not to grow our business, not to double our business. It has nothing to do with sales. It’s to help restore the joy of motion.” 26:31-26:38 💬 “Our passion is that we work hard, we’re enthusiastic, full of energy. When my people walk into a building, I want everyone in the building to know they’re there.” 28:40-28:44 💬 “The ultimate purpose of what we do is deliver healthcare, implants, and service to help healthcare professionals…deliver that direct care to a patient which could change their life.” 29:10-29:24 💬 “It’s about the wins. But it’s also about the process and the journey.” 33:10-33:14 💬 “We’re delivering technologies that will improve patient outcomes, because that’s always #1, but doing it in a cost-effective and efficient way.” 40:59-41:07


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