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Brett Elliott, Skillwork

Season 2

Are you familiar with the skilled trade shortage?

This week on Reveal Remarkable, we got to sit down with a close friend and mentor Brett Elliott, President and CEO of Skillwork.

His years of experience in the food manufacturing industry showed him that there is a real problem facing the trade industries in America.

Companies can’t find the skilled craftsmen they need to get the job done.

Skillwork has figured out a way to help these companies find quality workers by taking the time-tested travel nursing model and adapting it to the skilled trades. It’s more than a temp agency, but an extremely thorough vetting process that finds the right candidate for every position.

Not only are they helping their clients, they’re empowering men and women in the trades nationwide to enjoy their work and freedom.

Even if the trades aren’t your area, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Main Takeaways:

- The skilled labor shortage is a crisis that will affect ALL Americans

- Our current shortage of 1 million skilled workers will increase to 2 million by 2025

- The trade gap has an enormous impact on the economy

- The skilled trades are the backbone of America but don’t get the respect they deserve

- Skillwork is able to get their clients the workers they need through their proprietary multi-level vetting process


- Skillwork’s mission to impact lives of skilled laborers and their clients (1:46-4:33)

- Skilled trade shortage 101: what you need to know (4:34-9:26)

- How the trade shortage will affect ALL Americans, not just those in the trades (9:27-20:17)

- A client’s perspective: struggling to find workers, but hesitant to change (20:18-32:02)

- How Skillwork succeeds for their clients where other hiring options fail (32:03-47:25)

- Shoutouts to Omaha business leaders and influencers (47:26-50:52)

- 5-minute overview of Skillwork’s process and services (50:53-56:40)


“There’s a huge need for more skilled trades…to get them where you need them and when you need them.” (4:03-4:08)

“The retiring baby boomer generation is pushing the shortage to 2 million by 2025…and the pandemic accelerated that timeline.” (8:30-8:45)

“We as a culture have really gotten out of touch with how important the skilled trades are.”(13:36-13:45)

“Bring honor to God in everything we do, and bring honor and respect back to the skilled trades.” (14:54-15:00)

“This is a problem we can’t ignore, we have to solve this.” (40:57-41:00)

“When we talk about impacting lives, we’re providing a skilled trade individual an opportunity to use their talent, to feel respected.” (41:34-41:45)


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