They're Listening Now!

As a business, we strive day in and day out to get people to understand the unique value our business creates or sells. Whether it’s a product or a solution, our task is to get the right message in front of the right person, at the right time. Easy peasy, right? 

Yeah, you guessed it: not so much. After a few attempts, you’ll probably be ready to toss your computer straight into the dumpster.

Until recently, getting your message in front of the right person and at the right time was super difficult. You either had to be really lucky, really good (a black belt marketer) or some sort of child prodigy. It’s safe to say that these three things don’t apply to most of us (bummer, I know).

The problem we inevitably run into is one of two things:

  1. Most people don't know they have a problem, or...

  2. They don't know you can solve their problem

Until recently, that is. 

Recent events (COVID-19, market correction, etc.) have magnified people’s problems. They now realize that they need to digitize their marketing… they realize they need the extra manpower your staffing agency provides… they realize they need your online workout classes. Whatever it is, they need it badly and they needed it yesterday. Problem #1 = SOLVED.

This leads us to Problem #2… (and here’s where you come in). Now that people realize they have a problem, they’re listening for solutions. Even better, they’re actively looking for solutions.

You have the unique opportunity (and responsibility) to communicate how your business can help them in their time of need. The question that remains: Will you be able to clearly communicate your message to them now that they’re listening? Because make no mistake about it, if they weren’t listening before, they’re listening now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to clarify your message and push it out there so those looking can find it! Now is the time to be clear, be specific, and add more call to actions in your messaging. Problem #2 = SOLVED.

P.S. - If you were thinking “Man, that was a great article, but I wish I had some practical information on how to get my message out there!”…don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you hanging like that - click the link below and watch as we talk about “3 Things You Can Do Today To Help Your Business”.