Jayson Hill, Founder of Sure Hang.


Jayson needed to articulate the infinite potential of creativity that could be unlocked in his customer through Sure Hang, a device that revolutionizes wall layout design and implementation.



We created a 3min commercial called Home Precisely for Sure Hang to show the depth of how a simple home improvement tool could literally give a family hope to start a new life in a new house. We also strategically used segments of the video to create social media ads to drive traffic to their buying page.



We received feedback that focus groups and audiences were literally moved to tears by the story we captured and are eagerly anticipating the official launch of Sure Hang.

long form video

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short form video

“Working with rveal media has been one of the best decisions my young company has made.


I’m looking forward to the next project.”

Jayson Hill

Founder of Sure Hang