Driven by a vision he believes is from God, a faith-filled filmmaker ventures to a remote village across the globe to tell the remarkable story of an unknown woman.



“That is, if she even exists”

Early in 2015, I was living in my now business partner Jake’s basement. I had just moved to Omaha, NE because of a dream that the Lord gave me (that’s a whole different story, though). 

In his basement, fresh out of college and trying to understand what the rest of my life was going to look like, I just started praying and asking God for vision of what the purpose of my life was going to look like. I knew he had made me a filmmaker, but I wasn’t exactly sure how my skill set was going to be used by Him in a significant way. 


Then, He gave me a vision. It was like He downloaded an entire road map for the company/calling He was inviting me into. The name of the company was rveal media, and the heart behind it would be to serve high-profile clients in the marketplace in order to be a witness to His miraculous power to those “kings in the world” (Proverbs 22:29). Furthermore, He showed me that the money earned from working with those high-profile clients would be reallocated for a ministerial calling, sending filmmakers all over the world to capture stories of what He is doing in the most remote places, typically places, and ministries that would never be able to afford to tell their story in a remarkable, captivating way. 


And if that wasn’t enough, He then gave me a very specific vision of a woman whose story this company (that didn’t exist yet) would be telling. All I understood about this woman was that she lived in a village halfway across the world, and the Holy Spirit was empowering her to lead women and children in her community. I knew that her story was supernatural, but if I’m being perfectly honest — I didn’t even know if she actually existed. So, I filed away this vision in the back of my mind and heart in faith. 


Fast forward four years. 


On October 17, 2018, I was sound asleep and had a dream. In my dream, the entire staff at Love Church was wearing suits, ties, gowns — everything that you’d expect at a red carpet premiere event. We were at a movie theater in Omaha on a normal night. People were dressed casually walking around us getting popcorn at the concession stand while we stood in a circle huddled around this amphitheater-looking area in the movie theater. We were praying, prophesying, proclaiming, and ultimately agreeing with God’s promise that He was going to be releasing His first feature film through Love Church in the year 2020. 


I woke up from that dream in a start and I knew instinctively, without a doubt that God had spoken. I rushed to my iPad to journal the notes of everything that I saw in the dream before the details could slip away. As I wrote down this dream, God impressed on me that He was going to confirm this dream soon, and I wrote in giant letters on the top of the page “VISION” so I could easily rediscover it when the time was right. 


Four weeks later, I get a voice text from my friend Mike: 


“Hey, bro! Hope you’re doing well. I have something crazy that I need to share with you. I was in the movie theater with my family just now watching the Grinch, and when we were in the movie I had this vision that we as a church we're going to be premiering a movie in a theater-like this in the not too distant future. I just wanted to encourage you, bro, that I feel like you’re going to lead us in a project like this.” 


My jaw practically hit the floor when I heard this message. God had confirmed my vision from four weeks before. I knew it was going to happen soon, but I just didn’t know how yet. 


About a month after that, I received a text message from another friend from church, Brendan, who insisted that we grab lunch soon. We met at a local burger place in Downtown Omaha. He began to share with me that he had previously been to Kenya on mission trips with Bread of Life Ministries, and that God had recently given him a vision (I know what you’re thinking... how are all of these people getting visions?!) that he needed to go back to Kenya, and that he specifically needed to take me with him to film the trip. 


As I prayed about whether or not the Lord was truly inviting me into this adventure, the picture of the woman God showed me in 2015 jumped into the forefront of my mind. The image of her in my mind’s eye was becoming so clear and I saw that she was both pregnant with a child and had been given the gift of prophecy. It was almost as if God was saying to me “This is the project where I fulfill the vision I gave you four years ago.”

At that point, there was a decision that I needed to make. 


Do I punt this opportunity and not risk the pain of major disappointment if we go and discover this woman never existed at all? 


Do I avoid investing so much of my time and money, all banking on the validity of a vision from the Holy Spirit, to create the largest project of my life?


Do I save face, not putting my reputation on the line and making a fool of myself before my friends and family if I’m wrong? 

Do I protect my limited and comfortable understanding of who God is? 


Or do I say “yes” to this invitation to see Him do something truly miraculous?


After more prayer, more hesitation, more fear, more anxiety… but ultimately more wonder before the Lord, I had an answer for Him: 


“Yes, God. Send me.” 


So we built a team. Five men from multiple states set out on a journey into the wilderness of Kenya on en epic treasure hunt, to find the story of the woman that Jesus “left the 99” to chase after. 

And what we discovered while we were there was nothing short of remarkable! 


-Kap Chatfield

Be prepared to hear God speak.


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